Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back to the Blog

Look at the image on the left. By now surely you don't have to "guess whose back?"
Well “OMG!” as we would now say in the texting lexicon, I can’t believe I let so much time pass by. It’s disastrous for me to say the least but let’s just say I had ‘other things’ going on and that sometimes I can be too much of a perfectionist afraid of just blogging for blogging sake.

I am back and will strive harder to keep this blog going from here on. I am glad of the little following I had picked up and for the encouragement and good comments on the quality of my postings. At any rate the word forever is in the title of my blog and my cessation of it after such a short time just absolutely cannot stand (at least for me). So happily and long overdue....I'm back to blogging again.

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